Your Website is Costing You Money in These 5 Ways

Modern technology has improved at an alarming rate during the previous ten years, with the internet at the forefront of each and every one of these improvements. Tablet devices and phones are a part of life; and, you can now use them to pay for services and products and to handle your banking. You can pay for goods and services using digital currency, bitcoin as an example. Yes, technology is certainly king; and, for that reason, if you want to stand any chance of succeeding within the business world, you have to embrace it and get with the times. Digital marketing is here to stay.

It doesn’t matter how big or how small your company might be, the simple fact of the matter is that if you would like to stand any chance of succeeding, you will need to own a site for your business. If you want your company to flourish in these new times, your website will need to do more than the times of old. It will have to work for you. If your website neglected, is outdated, or simply poorly designed this could be costing you thousands in lost revenue each and every month.

If your company is suffering and you are not quite sure why, maybe, just maybe, your site could be to blame? Following is a glance at 5 ways in which your website could potentially be costing you new customers and clients.


No clear Call To Action (CTA) on your website

Clear Call To Action | Columbus Web Consultant

If your site does not have a clear call to action (CTA), you could be loosing out on a ton of new customers, according to top digital marketing experts. One of the greatest ways of really getting what you want is to request this; and, in simple terms, that’s essentially what a “call to action” is. On your site, it is your job to encourage, or perhaps to direct, your clients towards exactly what it is that you would like them to perform after they have finished browsing your products or services.

Exactly what you need them to do, will naturally depend on what your business is all about. Would you like them to register for a free trial? If that is the case, a simple hyperlink connecting them into the “free trial” page, together with the text “Click Here for Your FREE Trial” is all that you will need to have. Would you like them to navigate the products or services? If that is the case, “Click Here to Browse Our Entire Selection of Products/Services” etc. Place these clickable hyperlinks strategically throughout your website’s content, ensuring that you don’t overwhelm the consumers with too much content or text.

It is basically the same as with bait and fishing. This is where the term “click bait” comes in. A couple of carefully placed links, with easy call to action text, will “bait” customers into clicking them and seeing your products, seeing something they enjoy the look of, and buying it to make you a nice profit in return or becoming a new client. Your website is costing you money without clear call to actions.


Terrible website layouts promote people to leave immediately

Fix Bad Site Layout | Columbus Web Consultant

Search engines and people, alike, want a good experience on your website. A bad website will promote your visitors to leave instead of promoting your business. On average, a brand new visitor to your website only spends six seconds evaluating whether to stay on your site or to click the back button and go some place else. If your website’s most important information is buried beneath the fold, then there’s a fairly good chance it is not being viewed. The design of your site is arguably one of the most crucial variables to take into consideration when establishing a new website for your business. Although there are a range of “make your own” websites out there, that cost little to nothing at all, it is advisable to always hire professional web design experts to create and develop your site for you.

You should consider what you would like every page to say; and, then look for ways of saying it using the least amount of text as you can. If you have a knack for writing, that is great. That is what you should use your blog for. Lengthy, but educational content should not be listed on your product pages.

Most of our potential customers, will be seeing your site to browse your products and services, not to read partitions of text. Digital content marketing is important and has it’s place; but, your product pages are not one of them. They wish to be able to find what they are searching for, as fast and as quickly as they can. Make sure that you keep the text to a minimum; do not attempt to include an abundance or overload of images; and make sure every page is optimized with a good balance of both text and images.


An obsolete or outdated website design will hurt your credibility.

Outdated Website Design | Columbus Web Consultant

As the best website designers will tell you, great site design may validate to consumers your business is a legit and professional one that they should wish to patronage. Your site will do one of two things. It may either turn prospective consumers away or boost your reputation with them.

Saving money by building the website yourself, might actually, in the long run, be losing you more potential customers and money. Small business owners, by taking their site design in their own hands, will cause themselves more risk and headaches with poorly designed and planned sites. Over 41% of small business owners, not surprisingly, are unhappy with the aesthetic look of their website and it’s presence online compared to that of their competitors; and, they want to make their redesign, or completely new design, their top priority.

You need to do it right from the very beginning. Have a contemporary, attractive, and easily engaged website for your customer from the start by hiring a professional website design expert. The website is costing you money if people leave because of poor or outdated website design.


No social media presence linking back to your website

Strong Social Media Presence | Columbus Web Consultant

Since it has become part of every day life, whether you want it to be or not, social networking is here to stay; and, it looks to remain that way for the foreseeable future. In case you do not have social media pages created for your business, the first thing you need to do is get them fully setup and optimized right as soon as possible. A great source of advertising (and cheap), social networking is perfect for marketing. These sites have billions upon billions of people using them daily. That is why it is an ideal method to drum up business for any company or organization.

Once you do have several social accounts; for example: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, et al.; you will want to make sure that you provide links to the social profiles on all the different parts of your website. This will allow you a way to keep your customers up to date on what is happening by getting them to link to your social media profiles from theirs. This is an ideal way to “touch base” with customers (potential, current, and past) because they spend hours a day on these social platforms. With reviews and likes, for example, when someone makes a purchase you can ask them for a like on your social pages or leave a review. This will be seen by others and become a direct line of communication to those people that might be interested in what you are selling because of the boost it provides on social marketing sites.

When you target directly to your ideal audience they can see for themselves what you are offering; and, your friends, followers, and fans can take advantage of these promotions and sales directly. Like we talked about previously, a good call to action is appropriate with social media engagement, too. You can use a simple, straightforward CTA such as, “Keep up to date by liking us on Facebook”. This easy approach has shown to be really effective in growing your reach and audience on all of the social media platforms.


Your site is not responsive or “mobile friendly”

Mobile Friendly Responsive Site Design | Columbus Web Consultant

Like we discussed in the beginning of this article, smart phones and tablet computers are owned by nearly everyone. In 2018 alone, over 52.2% of all online website traffic worldwide came from a mobile device. In the United States of America alone, 257.3 million people (over 78% of the total population) own mobile devices. Due to these staggering large numbers, you can see more and more people are using these devices to “surf the net” instead of traditional computers or laptops. Having a responsive, mobile friendly website is critical so you do not lose out on a large audience of consumers. If your site is not setup to perform well on these devices, you need to get it fixed as soon as possible!

Visitors are forced to enlarge text and images, scroll up, down, left, and right every couple of sentences to try to be able to see and read your website when it is not mobile friendly.  Often, links are unintentionally clicked on pages as they try to navigate through the site, which can lead them away from the information they were looking for; and, it becomes extremely frustrating to the point people will often leave a site immediately and not return. A simpler option will be them to go back to their search and find an easier site to use. This will probably be one of your competitors; so, it will cost you money and a potential customers.

Since there are different types and sizes of mobile devices, web browsers are now equipped to deliver your site with a display that shows text and images in the perfectly optimized way for the device it is being used on. This only works if your site is designed to be responsive, i.e. mobile friendly. No more scrolling every different direction and resizing the content on a web page to try to lead it or, accidentally, clicking something by mistake and be redirected away. You can read the content you want efficiently and move through the site with ease. Mobile responsive “friendly” websites are critical in your online visibility and the ranking of your site in the search engines.

People are unable to find how they can contact you

How Do I Contact Your Business | Columbus Web Consultant

If visitors are unable to find your contact information, how do they know how to get in touch with you? Your website is costing you money when people do not know how to get in touch with you. Research has shown that including your contact information on every single page of your website is the best way to maximize your potential to increase your leads and sales.

As any digital marketing expert and website designer will tell you, having a contact page on your website is absolutely necessary and should be required. However, only having your contact information on those pages, will leave opportunities on the table to convert a visitor into a sale. People do not like to navigate all around a site. They want to find the information they need as soon as possible. You can help them by including your NAP (name, address, and phone number), operating hours, and business email in the footer or header of every page of your site. That way, after reading your great content, they will know how to get in touch with you quickly.

Remember, including your social media profile links in the header or footer will add even more benefits and outlets for them to contact you. The more likely you are to convert a lead into a sale, depends on the easier it is to get in contact with you. Without wasting any time, visitors can reach out to your right away without difficult navigation through a website to try to find your contact information.

Your website is costing you money if you don’t fix these issues!

If you focus on getting these things done the right way and avoid these things that will cost your website money, you will beat out your competition! We can help! Columbus Web Consultant offers the digital marketing solutions that are right for you, including a great user experience, search engine optimized website design.