Editor’s Notes: This post was originally written on our blog (SEO Has Become Identity Maker For Organizations) on June 24th, 2009. It has been edited, revised, and outdated information has been updated to be current and relevant while still preserving the original content.

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Are you trying to measure the importance of essential search engine optimization (SEO) for your website and business? It is important to note that one wrong step, can be enough to get your website banned or blacklisted on Google’s search engine. If you generate all of your business through the internet, imagine what being put in the “sandbox” would do to your company. Search engine optimization will definitely give identity to your brand and organization. Now, lets discuss the mystery of how essential SEO works: The 8 essential SEO facts that will make your site more impressive.

Search Engine Optimization Overwhelming | Columbus Web Consultant

Essential search engine optimization can be an overwhelming experience for companies that get their business from the internet.

The best search engine optimization experts work can be an overwhelming experience for companies that obtain their clients through the internet. A massive increase in traffic and unique visitors is the staple of a successful and essential SEO digital marketing campaign. These unique visitors are the potential leads any business needs to build a strong customer base. It is important to stay aware of the constantly changing trends in the search engine algorithms and the rest of cyberspace. The dynamic aspect must be taken into account, so that you can keep your campaign flexible.

On-page and Off-page Search Engine Optimization | Columbus Web Consultant

Two basic strategies to essential search engine optimization: On-page and Off-page

There are two major parts to essential search engine optimization that break down into smaller techniques. Digital marketing SEO experts will stress the importance of completing both parts to fully take advantage of their strength. They are on-page and off-page optimizations.

The fundamental and elementary parts of essential SEO work starts with on-page optimization. It covers technical aspects of websites such as: titles, keywords, descriptions, and even the content as well. Off-page SEO covers techniques externally from the main website in order to enrich the ranking of the original site. Basically, it is the creation, or one may say, proliferation of inbound links. Under such optimization process, links are mutually optimized by themselves.

SEO and Search Engine Algorithms | Columbus Web Consultant

Cracking the algorithms of the search engine is the focus of a successful SEO agency.

Successful essential SEO work revolves around the ever changing, updated by the minute algorithms that the search engines use. Each search engine has their own proprietary system they use to rank websites. What works to rank your site well with one site’s results will not necessarily produce the same favorable rankings on a different search engine. There is no magic or complex strategy to understand.

The “trial and error method” should never be hesitated to implement in order to understand the process of ranking with step by step procedures. It is okay to feel that your essential search engine optimization work is a complete work; but, you still have not gotten the adequate Google rankings. With due respect to SEO, try to find out the basic problems:

3 Essential Search Engine Optimizations Basic Problems

  1. Wait and Watch – Give your search engine optimization efforts time for the search engines to find and index everything.

    • As any good SEO expert will tell you, it takes time for the strength and power to fully reflect in the search engine results. From the beginning of the process, you should track where your website ranks for what keywords you want to rank for and where you rank for other terms already. Give it time for your positions to consolidate and settle into new positions.

      **Expert note – It is not uncommon to see keywords and phrases drop position or disappear completely prior to moving to their new ranking positions.**

  2. Even search engines do not always get their part right due to their dynamic algorithms.

    • Even Time agrees that “The very strength of modern search engines – the promotion of sources being cited by other frequently cited sources – can’t always filter out bad, even fake information that is popular enough“. In summary, search engines don’t always get their answers to search queries right.
    • They do their best to constantly up date their algorithms and filter out irrelevant results and “fake news” the best that they can. They use machine learning as part of their process to determine results and become more accurate; but, even the programmers can not always understand exactly why certain results are displayed.
  1. Achieving your ranking targets start on site with search engine optimized web design elements.

    • Search engine use a lot of bandwidth and processing power to crawl sites on the internet. They want an easy to navigate, fast, and efficient site just like your live “human” visitors do. Fresh relevant content with visual elements (pictures and videos) is just as important as the speed at which they can crawl through the site and interpret all the information they find; as any website design expert would tell you. The fewer requests that they have to load or opportunities to get distracted and taken away from the site, the better a site will be indexed. Therefore, the better chances your site will rank well.

Essential Search Engine Optimization Experts Walk Alone | Columbus Web Consultant

Search engine optimization experts walk alone providing identity to businesses.

Thus, it is obvious to quote a famous line from the movie The Cheetah Girls that says, “Sometimes, you have to walk alone.“. Search engine optimization experts, like the ones at Columbus Web Consultant, have to walk alone to provide identity to your organization. It is a necessary task that needs to be completed accurately. Search engine optimization experts work “behind the scenes” because of the nature of the techniques that are required for effective off-page SEO to work correctly.

Now that you see the effectiveness of essential SEO work, here are 5 more essential search engine optimization facts to pay attention to make your site more impressive:

5 Things to Keep in Mind For Essential SEO to Work For Your Company

  1. Identify and verify the client base of the search engine optimization companies you want to work with.

    • It can be tricky to verify the portfolio of the best essential search engine optimization company. No sane client would give up a successful, result producing SEO agency to their competitors or anyone else who may take their time away from their own projects. The agencies themselves, also, do not want to offer up their entire client base, as most companies in the same position would not want to do either.
    • Also, it is a very common practice in the industry for digital marketing agencies to have NDAs (non-disclosure agreements) and even NCAs (non-compete agreement) with their clients.
  2. Research the search engine optimization campaign portfolios and verify the work they have done.

    • A quality SEO firm can show you what they do. Reports are made to show deliverables and track progress and performance for their clients. They should be able to show you these reports. They should be able to give you recommendations for improvements with your site. As mentioned previously, there are often legal agreements in place that can keep a digital marketing agency from disclosing all of the details about their clients. Be understanding with these requests and allow them to produce evidence of their results in a mutually beneficial way that does not infringe on their legal agreements.
  3. Be aware of companies that use “black hat” search engine optimization tactics.

    • Doorway pages, hidden text in the background, and other unethical methods, that are considered “black hat” techniques, may be used to optimize a website. These techniques may provide immediate results and apparent boosts in rankings. However, they will result in heavy penalties from the search engines, up to being blacklisted and put in the Google sandbox.
    • Make sure digital marketing agency you hire to do essential search engine optimization for you does things the right way. Just like the saying, “A good magician never reveals his secrets.“, a trustworthy SEO expert has some techniques that they keep to themselves. However, they should be able to show you a good portion of what they are doing to grow your site’s rankings.
  4. As with anything in life, the cheapest is not always the best solution. Find the best deal and value, not the cheapest company.

    • At Columbus Web Consultant, we use this saying a lot, “If you think it is expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur.“. As with anything in life, cheaper does not mean better or good at all, even. The other extreme is true, as well. The most expensive does not mean the best. When identifying the right professional search engine optimization experts, make sure that they provide good service and value for their services. See if their goals and skills are inline with what your goals and needs are.
  5. When working with any legal agreements between companies, make sure to consult with a lawyer.

    • Nearly all businesses have legal contracts and agreements that they use when conducting business with others. This is not uncommon practice in any industry or niche. It sets expectations for both parties and protects all of those who are involved. In summary, it is always good to consult with any attorney or lawyer before you sign or submit any contracts or legal agreements.

Successful Digital Marketing Experts | Columbus Web Consultant

Take these precautions and your essential search engine optimization campaign will bring you the top results that you are looking for.

If you take precautions and do your research and honest, effective work is done by the SEO experts you hire, you will create and establish a remarkable identity for your organization and business. Columbus Web Consultant strives to be the best in the industry. We offer reports to help track progress and show you what we are working on to increase your online presence. Our digital marketing and search engine optimization experts never use “spammy” or “black hat” techniques that can get you “blacklisted” or “sand boxed” by the search engines.