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Columbus Web Consultant utilizes all the major social media platforms to increase your results. Implementing an effective social media marketing strategy is essential for a business that recognizes the need for a strong social presence. Engaging with followers and posting quality content is the key to turning these accounts into revenue producing assets.


There is no cookie cutter approach to managing a business’s social media platforms. Each business has their own unique needs that we tailor specifically for them to get the best results. Using the latest software, we find the trends and content that your audience is engaging with and interested in the most. This fixes one of the biggest problems with business’s social media accounts, not knowing how to keep their followers engaged and sticking around.

Stay In Touch With Social Media Marketing

Social media platforms are becoming an increasingly tough platforms to use. They change their algorithms, just like the search engines, and reduce the outreach your company’s page and posts can have. Sharing, through social media networks, has changed drastically over the past few years. More and more sharing is done via private message sharing making it harder to track.

There is no better website traffic than free traffic and getting people to share your content is the best way to do it! Columbus Web Consultant makes it easier than ever to increase social followers and traffic and identify which articles and products are generating the most interest. With our Columbus based social media management and marketing experts, your business will be able to track these actions and fully understand how your audience shares content and create reports. We can even track “dark” social and private messaging shares and identify viral content on your site.

Reach Your Audience. Be Heard Online

Reach your users wherever they are. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google My Business (GMB), and LinkedIn social media management all in one place.

Columbus Web Consultant’s social media management and marketing services find out how your business is performing with post breakdowns, audience reporting, and key performance indicators (KPI) that identify the success of your social media strategy.

We can send content out for all of your business’s accounts together, generate new leads, and interact with your existing client base. We will create a “voice” for each of these accounts by sharing images and videos along with the other quality content we post.

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Just 3 Steps to Higher Rankings,

More Traffic, and More Leads

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Columbus Social Media Management FAQ

What is social media management?

According to Tech.co, “Social media management is the process of creating, scheduling, analyzing, and engaging with content posted on social media platforms, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, et al.”. It is how you maintain and control your presence on the social media platforms. Digital marketing agencies offer social media management services to help keep your followers informed and engaged. It is important to post fresh content frequently and respond to any reviews or inquires in a fast and efficient manner.

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Why should your business use social media platforms?

Social media offers a wide variety of opportunities for people, and businesses alike, to engage with others with similar interests. These platforms offer a great resource to see what people say about your business and brand, the positives and negatives. Social media management helps you grow your brand recognition and reputation; and, it allows you to educate and nurture new potential leads.

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How do I define my social media goals for my business?

Being on social media just because “everyone else is doing it”, is not a good reason. It is important to set goals that are achievable and specific. Specific goals should be defined so you can have an end game of what you want to accomplish. Also, you want to make sure that your goals are measurable. Digital marketing experts can help with reports that show you user engagements like likes, follows, reviews, etc. Keep your goals realistic to your business so that they can be achieved. Relevancy is important to your social media campaigns to stay on track and not confuse your audience. Although, we all love cat videos, unless you are a veterinarian, you should probably stick to niche relevant topics and posts. With each campaign, have a time table to track progress and check on the measurables to make sure you are heading in a direction that meets your goals.

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Who should my social media managers target?

As with any marketing campaigns, a digital one has similar objectives and steps. Identifying your audience is key. Not everyone will be viewed as qualified for your products or services. See what social media platforms your prospective customers use the most. Define what type of content and a schedule that will align with your targeted audience. Columbus Web Consultant can help you create a voice for your brand that gives it character and uniqueness. This is probably one of the most over looked and important steps. If you put a little bit of personality in to your social media engagements, people will be able to relate better; and, in turn they will be more likely to engage back with shares, likes, etc.

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What persona should my business have on social media?

Zero personality will easily kill engagements with your social media channels. Everyone has their own persona and style that they put into their profiles, your business should be no exception. It is critical that your posts and pages have a unique personality that closely matches your audience and your brand. If you look at the Wendy’s twitter wars with competing brands, you can see the huge amount of engagements that get from other followers by adding a little humor to their accounts. This will make you seem more like a friend to others instead of a robot or business trying to sell them something.

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Should social media managers only focus on getting as many followers as possible?

Most people would think that having a large number of followers is a good measurable to show success with social media. However, if all of these followers are not engaging with you or you with them, it doesn’t matter how many followers you have. It is “social” media after all, so be social. In addition to posting fresh content, talk to and respond to your followers. Answer their questions; @mention people in your posts; and retweet, like and share their content; because, this will help you seem human and not just someone who wants to try to sell them something. Remember, nurture and engage!

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How should we post new content to our social media profiles?

We all use a calendar to keep track of meetings and our schedules, why not use one for your social media content, too. If you look at the largest brands on social media, you will see that they post on a consistent basis. Your digital marketing managers can help you setup a calendar to keep on top of consistent posting, so your profiles don’t go stale and old. Columbus Web Consultant has tools and services to help you manage your social media profiles and accounts. They can help you with scheduling posts and updates, so you don’t have to do it in real time, by hand, on each individual account.

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Should we use social media to constantly pitch and sell to potential clients?

Social media managers will tell you that these platforms are great resource to market to others, which is true. However, only the best digital marketing experts will tell you to be helpful to others and engage with your audience in a human way. Yes, our end goal is to keep a positive reputation and sell more products and services; but, by offering solutions and help to people, instead of just pitching to them, you will build lifelong, satisfied customers.

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How do you optimize your social media profiles?

Optimizing social media profiles is not like traditional search engine optimization (SEO). There are less technical things to do and the process is not that hard. Your social media experts will help with you with the optimization of your accounts, or you can do it in house. Make sure that your profiles are all complete with descriptions and images; and, that they are kept up to date and fresh.

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How do we market our social media profiles to the world?

You’ve done all the work to setup your profiles and started posting content; so, what comes next? In order to grow your followers; and therefore your reach; you have to let people know about your pages and accounts. Adding your social profile links to footers on your website and into the signature sections of your emails costs you nothing and is a proactive way to slowly grow your following. For faster results, the top digital marketing agencies who manage your social media accounts can help you setup a social media marketing campaign. One that is designed to gain engagements with your profiles or content.

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Besides niche relevant content, what other things should we share on our social media profiles?

Keeping up with trendy hashtags, breaking news, and even great memes and sharing them on your social media profiles will help your profiles and pages have even more of that human feel to them. It is a great opportunity to build your brand off the buzz that flows around the latest news and trends. Just remember, to be careful when it comes to anything that might be deemed controversial or political. You don’t want to do anything that would turn people away from your pages and profiles.

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Should I spend money on social media marketing?

Although all of the major social media platforms are free, there are still a lot of opportunities to grow your business with paid options. Paid social media marketing can provide a great marketing tool because you can laser focus your ads to the exact audience you want. As with any paid advertising, there is an investment that is involved; and, you should evaluate your plans and goals before taking on any digital marketing campaign. In addition to the advertising that goes on through out the sites, influencer marketing has become a common practice on them, too. Influencer marketing can have a great return on investment if your business is looking for that type of hyper-engagement that comes from a paid relationship with the top “movers and shakers” on these sites.

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