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If you have ever used any kind of technology before, you have seen your fair share of online advertising. Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising is the most common form of online advertising. Online advertisers only have to pay when a user clicks on their ad. This is “buying” a visitor instead of “earning” a visitor through other digital marketing methods.


Building a winning pay per click campaign in Columbus (and globally) is no easy task. You need to do thorough research; select the right keywords; organize keywords into PPC advertising campaigns and ad groups; and setup and deploy landing pages with everything being optimized repeatedly to be high converting. Search engines will reward advertisers that create intelligently targeted, relevant advertising that are useful to viewers and actually charge you less for your high quality scoring ads.

How Does Pay Per Click Advertising Work For Your Business?

People click on paid search advertising that are relevant for what they searched for. For example: If you are an attorney in Dublin, Ohio and someone does a search for “attorney Dublin Ohio” in Google.

Your local pay per click advertising campaign will show an ad listed in “Sponsored Ads” at the top and the user clicks on the ad.

Your business would only be charged per ad click and you will have the opportunity to convert that visitor into a customer.

We Send Highly Targeted Traffic to Your Website Utilizing Digital Advertising

We can take your business’s products and services and promote them across different advertising platforms: Facebook Ads, Google Ads, et al. We also will utilize re-marketing to keep your brand out in front of your potential customers.

80% of your pay per click advertising campaign’s performance is based on the website landing page you’re sending the traffic to. This is why we focus on the landing page experience on our websites and have an expert understanding of paid advertising.

Columbus Web Consultant, pay per click advertising firm, can help you launch, optimize, and drive sales to your business or online store. We will manage the landing page experience for you as well, so it is optimized for conversions.

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Just 3 Steps to Higher Rankings,

More Traffic, and More Leads

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Columbus Pay Per Click Advertising FAQ

What is pay per click advertising?

Pay per click advertising (also known as PPC ads), according to Oxford is “(on the Internet) a business model whereby a company that has placed an advertisement on a website pays a sum of money to host website when a user clicks on to the advertisement”. We are all familiar with what ads look like online. The most common and popular method for monetizing the use of these ads is for an advertiser to get paid for only when someone clicks on the advertisement. Although this is not the only way to charge for ads, it helps companies who advertise feel they get more value for their efforts. Your local pay per click experts, will help you setup and optimize your pay per click campaigns to get the highest return on investment (ROI) possible.

What is the most common form of pay per click advertising?

There are multiple types of pay per click advertising that you can do. Paid search marketing, display advertising, social media advertising, retargeting PPC advertising, price comparison website advertising, and affiliate marketing are the main types of advertising. Display advertising is by far the most common form of advertising. These are ads you see on websites across the internet, in apps on your phone, and even on your social media platforms. Most of these ads only produce a cost when someone clicks on them; but, some sites offer standard rates for placement of a set cost for impressions (amount of times an advertisement is viewed).

What is retargeting pay per click advertising?

Retargeting pay per click advertising is quickly becoming one of the most necessary forms of advertising to increase exposure, grow brand awareness, and achieve higher returns on investments. Have you ever noticed that the advertising that appears through your apps on your phone or even on your social media feeds show products that you have recently looked into buying? This is retargeting. When a person visits a website to research a product or service, it is tracked with a pixel or cookie (a little snipet of code that identifies a visitor). Then, when you are on other sites or apps, these advertisers can show you the same (or similar) products or services you might be interested in based on what you have shown interest in before. Retargeting is, by far, one of the most effective ways to use pay per click advertising because these people that are now targeted with your ads have already shown interest and a strong intent to purchase.

How much does pay per click advertising cost?

The cost of pay per click advertising varies greatly based on the platform you are advertising on; the competitiveness of the keywords you are targeting; the type of media you are advertising with (i.e. video, quiz, opt-in form, et al); and, how you structure your ad spend for your goals. The best digital marketing experts will tell you, that costs can range from several cents to hundreds of dollars each click. By setting an advertising spending budget; optimizing your campaigns; choosing the right keywords; and displaying the right ads to the right people at the right time, you can control your ad spending and achieve a higher ROI (return on investment).

With pay per click search advertising, when are you charged?

Every platform that offers pay per click advertising has their own ways that they handle their advertising, traditionally there are two major types of ways you pay for your campaigns. Most sites either bill you at the end of the month (or when you reach your preset limit) or you make a deposit and pay in advance where money will be withdrawn as people click on your ads until your balance is zero. Depending on your marketing goals and advertising budgets will depend on which way of being charged is best for your company to advertise locally or globally to potential customers and clients.

How much is Google pay per click advertising?

Google has a service they call Google AdWords. They show these advertising in their search engines and across a multitude of websites, apps, and other platforms. There are different ways you can setup to have your pay per click advertising shown through their vast network. Depending on what your goals are and how you want to advertise (among other things) will dictate the amount the ads will cost you. Some cost per clicks (CPC) can cost as low as one dollar all the way up to over hundreds of dollars for one click! The competitiveness of your niche, how many people are trying to bid on the same keywords, and the value of the products or services being marketed has a big role to play into the advertising cost as well. For example, advertising for a roofing company to replace a roof carries a higher cost since the sale is higher in revenue, while the advertising for a pizza company might be lower because the cost of the final product is also lower.

How does pay per click advertising work?

Pay per click (PPC) advertising is a relatively easy concept to understand. You only pay for the ads when a person clicks on your ad. This is the basic procedure and the “truest” form of PPC advertising. However, over the past several years, people have extended the phrase “pay per click” to be a more general term to describe a multitude of advertising styles: such as pay per view, pay per signup, pay per call, et al. These other forms of advertising are just as easy to understand. You are only charged when a person completes the action you require them to do, as agreed upon with the publisher of your ads.

How difficult is pay per click advertising?

The basics of pay per click advertising are quite simple. You make an advertisement and submit it to the platform you want it to be advertised on. Once approved, your ad will be displayed and when someone clicks on it, you are charged a fee. A pretty simple process, right? Where it gets difficult is with the optimization of a pay per click advertising campaign. This is a vitally important part of advertising that the best digital marketing experts excel at. You need to tweak and test your ads, keywords you target, and budget to find what works the best for your goals. PPC optimizing should be done on a consistent basis to keep your advertising fresh and your ROI (return on investment) high. It is never advised to “just set it and forget it”, when it comes to pay per click advertising, or any form of advertising for that matter.

What is the difference between online display advertising and pay per click?

Display advertising can be text, images, and even video advertising. Pay per click advertising can also be the same forms of advertising as display ads. However, they have very different pricing models. Display advertising can be cheaper because you only pay a set price to have the ad shown. PPC ads are shown, but you only have to pay when someone actually clicks on your advertisement. There are pros and cons of both types of online digital advertising. Depending on what your goals are with digital marketing will depend on which type of advertising you should go for. As an example, if you are looking to grow your brand awareness, display advertising might work better for you to grow your exposure; whereas, if you are looking to sell a specific product or service, pay per click advertising might work better for you as you are looking for more of an immediate result. Most digital marketing experts would recommend a mix of advertising options that help you sell your products and grow your brand’s awareness and recognition.

How long does it take for pay per click advertising to work?

To start pay per click advertising, you need to first get an advertisers account approved on the platforms that you want to advertise on. Depending on the platform and the details you provide, this may take a couple of weeks to get approved. While waiting on approval and after you are approved, you will want to have your pay per click marketing expert focus on doing research to determine what your strategy should be: find keywords, target demographics, develop advertisements, etc. Once you have your advertisements approved and you have them live on sites to be seen by visitors, you can start tracking their performance. Traditionally, within two to four months of running pay per click advertising you can see if this way of advertising is right for your company or if the people managing your advertising is doing it right.

What is pay per click advertising fraud?

Pay per click fraud; also known as click fraud; is always something you should watch for when you are running any type of advertising. Click fraud happens when an automated script (like a bot), a computer program, or a person pretends to be a “real person” visits a platform that advertising is displayed on and clicks on an ad without having any interest in the actual advertisement. Nearly every platform has different measures and security features in place to try to prevent pay per click fraud on their respective platforms. As with all aspects of technology, they are always changing and coming up with new ways to get around these safe guards. Be mindful and have your pay per click marketing expert keep an eye on your advertising campaigns to keep an eye out for any activity that seems suspicious.

How much does pay per click advertising cost on Facebook or other social media sites?

As with any pay per click advertising on any platform, Facebook costs are no different. The prices range from tens of cents to hundreds of dollars depending on competition, quality or value of advertising, and other important factors. It is estimate, though, that the average cost per click on Facebook’s platform ranges from fifty cents a click to two dollars in most industries. Remember, that this is an average. Higher end products or services (for example: lawyers and roofing) that have high competition and higher ticketed offerings also have higher advertising costs.

How do you purchase pay per click advertising?

To purchase pay per click advertising, it is first recommended to use a pay per click marketing expert who knows all the “ins and outs” of the business. The steps that are necessary to purchase advertising is to first apply and get approved for an advertising account on whichever platforms you want to advertise on. Once you have an advertiser account approved, you need to submit your adverts for approval before they will publish them on their platforms. This entire process is made to protect the advertising platforms, the publishers who run the ads, the consumers, and the companies that are advertising. They want to ensure value and the legitimacy of everyone involved so that everyone is happy with the end results.

Why should I use pay per click advertising for my business?

Pay per click advertising should be utilized as part of any digital marketing campaigns. These PPC ads can provide immediate visitors to your site. Within a matter of hours, you can have an advertising campaign online that has visitors clicking on your ads and being directed to your site. This type of advertising, PPC, is ideal for new websites or sites that have little to no exposure. The benefit of PPC advertising is the immediate results they can produce, whereas digital marketing campaigns like search engine optimization (SEO), may take time for the results to be fully seen. However, the disadvantage of pay per click advertising is that as soon as you stop running an advert the traffic stops immediately; but, other campaigns, like SEO, will continue to rank your site and bring in traffic without additional or continued costs. Professional digital marketing consultants and agencies will be able to show you the value and need to run both campaigns to reach your site’s full potential and benefits of online marketing.

How can a local business benefit from pay per click advertising?

National and international businesses benefit from online advertising the same way local businesses do, too. Pay per click advertising is not limited to “the big dogs” like Super Bowl commercials, for example. Smaller or locally based businesses can achieve the same level of success! When you have your local pay per click managers setup your PPC campaigns locally, you can target the right people in your area. These local digital advertising campaigns help you reach the specific audience you want to target; grow your brand awareness and recognition; help converts potential clients and customers into buyers; increase profits and sales; and the campaigns are easily optimized and refined based on your specific needs and goals for your company or organization.