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Pay Per Click Campaigns Will Help You Quickly Generate Leads and Increase Visitor Engagement

If you have ever used any kind of technology before, you have seen your fair share of online advertising. Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising is the most common form of online advertising. Online advertisers only have to pay when a user clicks on their ad. This is “buying” a visitor instead of “earning” a visitor through other digital marketing methods.


Building a winning pay per click campaign is no easy task. You need to do thorough research; select the right keywords; organize keywords into campaigns and ad groups; and setup and deploy landing pages with everything being optimized repeatedly to be high converting. Search engines will reward advertisers that create intelligently targeted, relevant advertising that are useful to viewers and actually charge you less for your high quality scoring ads.

How Does Pay Per Click Advertising Work For Your Business?

People click on paid search ads that are relevant for what they searched for. For example: If you are an attorney in Dublin, Ohio and someone does a search for “attorney Dublin Ohio” in Google.

Your advertising campaign will show an ad listed in “Sponsored Ads” at the top and the user clicks on the ad.

Your business would only be charged per ad click and you will have the opportunity to convert that visitor into a customer.

We Send Highly Targeted Traffic to Your Website Utilizing Digital Advertising

We can take your business’s products and services and promote them across different advertising platforms: Facebook Ads, Google Ads, et al. We also will utilize re-marketing to keep your brand out in front of your potential customers.

80% of your ad campaign’s performance is based on the website landing page you’re sending the traffic to. This is why we focus on the landing page experience on our websites and have an expert understanding of paid advertising.

Columbus Web Consultant can help you launch, optimize, and drive sales to your business or online store. We will manage the landing page experience for you as well, so it is optimized for conversions.

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Just 3 Steps to Higher Rankings,

More Traffic, and More Leads

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