SEO copywriting, or search engine optimization copywriting is the process of writing the text for websites in a way that is easily read by the web surfer. This technique also uses keywords within the writing content so that the article appears high on the list when the keyword is searched for. SEO copywriting uses specific searchable words within headings, titles, and descriptions on the web page to help the article pull up with searches. Search engines want pages full of content to pull up during searches versus web pages that are really just additional pages, sometimes called “doorway pages”. The doorway pages are created for the sole purpose of achieving high rankings.

SEO copywriting helps with finding valuable content pages when searching for anything on the web. It helps search engines by allowing pertinent pages full of viewable writing rank high on the list once a subject is searched for. SEO copywriting overall improves the high ranking for pages on most all search engines. Individuals involved with SEO copywriting believe that even when a search criteria, or algorithm, is changed slightly, this technique keeps the pages high on the search list. There are debates whether this really occurs or not, since the way something pulls up is by an exact match.

This method does have disadvantages and may not be the answer for every website. SEO copywriting can be expensive due to the professionals that write these pages not coming cheap. SEO copywriting can only target one to two words per page so a website may need several pages to get all of the keywords they desire. Also if a web page needs to be altered, it destroys the work of the SEO copywriter or the copywriter must be called in again to re-do the pages. SEO copywriting does not work for highly competitive markets where too many are trying to gain high rankings, such as health, children, insurance, and hotels. SEO copywriting does not work for certain websites simply because the layout of the website contains pages with small amounts of text. Some websites do not want to alter their site just for the purpose of search engines.

SEO copywriting can be very important for doing business and bringing more traffic to a website; however, it’s not meant for every website. SEO copywriting can work for some websites for a while having the website pop up under the top 10 search results. Then other websites can use the optimization method and the one that used to be in the top 10 drops one by one until they are not even on the first page of results.

Author Claire Debooserie :