Google has a service they call Google AdWords. They show these advertising in their search engines and across a multitude of websites, apps, and other platforms. There are different ways you can setup to have your pay per click advertising shown through their vast network. Depending on what your goals are and how you want to advertise (among other things) will dictate the amount the ads will cost you. Some cost per clicks (CPC) can cost as low as one dollar all the way up to over hundreds of dollars for one click! The competitiveness of your niche, how many people are trying to bid on the same keywords, and the value of the products or services being marketed has a big role to play into the advertising cost as well. For example, advertising for a roofing company to replace a roof carries a higher cost since the sale is higher in revenue, while the advertising for a pizza company might be lower because the cost of the final product is also lower.