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We Build Beautiful, One Of A Kind Websites That Are SEO Optimized

Columbus Web Consultant is a search engine optimization company and Hilliard based website design firm in one. We take a holistic approach with your marketing dollars that includes an optimized website that will make your customers say “Wow!”. Website traffic from people who are already looking for your products will be better converted. We help you show what you have to offer to the right person, at the right time, with a professional image that will increase the overall perception and reputation of your brand.


We Help Businesses Get More Leads Online Using Digital Marketing

Our search engine consultants and local digital marketing solutions puts you in control of your campaign by monitoring your website traffic, keyword rankings, inbound leads, social media marketing reach, and monthly goals. Experience a new level of communication by seeing all of your stats in one place for your campaign. Gauge your investment and watch it grow month over month.


We Send Highly Targeted Traffic Utilizing Digital Advertising

We can research, launch, and manage your digital pay per click ad campaigns. 80% of your ad campaigns performance is based on the optimized website’s landing page you’re sending the traffic to. This is why we focus on the landing page experience on our websites and have an expert understanding of paid advertising. We’re certified and will manage the landing page experience for you as well.


We Keep Your Brand Top of Mind on Popular Social Media Platforms

Columbus Web Consultant keeps your brand in front of the customers that matter the most on social media. Using brand awareness campaigns paired with content marketing and production, we can help your business get the eyeballs it needs. We help research, strategize, implement, manage and report on your local social media marketing campaigns.


We Help Increase Your Digital Accessibility and ADA Compliance

Website accessibility compliance can seem overwhelming and very complex. Most people don’t know where to even start making their site compliant. In addition to our digital marketing services, we offer innovative website accessibility technology to increase your digital accessibility compliance.



We Are A Local Digital Marketing Firm Located in Hilliard, Ohio.

Your problem isn’t getting new customers. It is building a predictable system to get new customers. Columbus Web Consultant helps build a bridge to that gap by offering a suite of digital marketing solutions unique to your business. Using a mix of local search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing and management, pay per click (PPC) advertising, Columbus website design, digital accessibility compliance, and our content marketing experts we stand confident that we can help your business attract new customers and inbound leads.


Carol J. Steiner

Good service.

Leonor J. Long

Great website design and search engine optimization services that got us ranked higher in the search engines. We are very happy with the work that Diesel and his team have done for us.

Daniel A. Mofllet

Being local to the area, they were recommended by a friend who has been using their SEO services. I can only say I'm highly impressed with the quality of the website which was created by them and within 2 months we are ranking on the first page of Google. Lots of Thanks. Highly recommended Columbus Web Consultant to anyone.

Ana Phelps

My company went through a major website redesign and migration with the help of Columbus Web Consultant! They redeveloped our website so it's WordPress based, making it more modern, clean, and mobile-friendly. The staff is easy to work with and delivered our website on the agreed upon date. They worked endlessly to meet our tight deadline, with a systematic approach. Highly recommend them.

Robert Cork

Columbus Web Consultant!! They are awesome people and did an amazing job on our websites and SEO. I was afraid to outsource the work in Hilliard, Ohio as I have not found any good Local Digital Marketing Firm. But when I meet them they took care of our websites like their own. Our business grew up so much faster with their world-class services. I wish for long-lasting association with Columbus Web Consultant.

Monica Birlov

They give great personal service and I highly recommend them!!

Garry Smith

We thought that dealing with a marketing company was going to be a hassle. Luckily, the Columbus Digital Marketing Agency was there for us in every aspect. They helped us with our SEO, social media reputation and the overall development …

Mike Young

Amazing company and even better results!! We have used Columbus Web Consultant to help scale our mailing list. They have been exceptionally helpful in designing an effective, timely, and cost-effective approach for immediate results.

Lame Horris

Trust is important in my business and today that largely relies on your online presence and presentation. Simple plain web sites just don’t cut it anymore and designing your own is exceedingly difficult and they never turn out right. Add on the fact you then have to somehow get your site noticed by people and you can spend all your time on that and just fail. I trust Columbus to do all that for me. They do it better than I could and that allows me to give more time to the parts of my business that I want to focus on.


“We were afraid to out source our work to someone who wasn’t local, as we have no good local digital marketing consultants by us. However, Diesel and his team took care of our websites as if they were their own. Our business grew up so much faster with their world-class services. Chirply, our amazing CRM automated marketing tool wouldn’t be what it was today, if it wasn’t for their hard work.”

“What can I say? For starters, Diesel and his team at Columbus Web Consultant are amazing!!! Helped me from day one as a complete novice trying to launch our business website, landscaping services in Victoria, Texas. From initial contact to now, it has been nothing but courteous, professional, and prompt service. I am absolutely positive that I have asked more questions in the span of a few weeks that would make the average person’s head spin; but, Diesel took every question in stride. He guided me through the “ins and outs”  of a polished professional website. I will use them in the future for all of my website needs! This is THE company to use for a world class website that will wow potential customers!”

Chris J., Local Landscaper in Texas, Lucky Landscaping Texas
“If nobody can find your website, you can’t make a sale. Columbus Web Consultant helped us build a following that has launched us to the top of our niche! As a social media search engine, we understand the value of strong social profiles. They helped us grow our brand through social channels, advertising, and SEO. It would have taken us many, many years to get to where we are today if it wasn’t for them.”

“Diesel is our go-to SEO guy in a competitive market. He was able to boost our site rankings in organic listing to the top or near the top for all our requested search terms. Great guy and always responsive to our requests. Columbus roofing companies are very competitive. Columbus Web Consultant helped give us the edge we need to beat out our competitors online! Looking forward to continuing to work with him in the future.”

Christopher H., A Local Roofing Company
“I couldn’t be happier on having this team work my vision into quality and profit. We have a very specific niche in the UK music industry news website, that we knew would need to be very targeted. We are very happy with the fast and effective results Diesel and his team were able to get us.”
“Diesel and his team are great to work with! He is very knowledgeable about SEO and he is straightforward, intelligent and easy to work with. With a very specific type of site in the international news industry, we knew this would be an uphill battle. I also had great interactions with his team members. He and his team have a very good work ethic and are both responsive and helpful!”
“Diesel and his crew have done a phenomenal job optimizing our website and increasing our visibility to potential clients. After moving from larger corporations who handled our marketing, we have seen a much higher quality and more efficient marketing platform with this firm. I would highly suggest them to anyone looking for quantifiable results or looking to increase their local SEO and visibility. They are the best choice for all things marketing!”

Case Studies

We stand by integrity, hard work, innovation, and results. Located just outside Columbus, our Hilliard based team of in-house, local digital marketing consultants and SEO experts is ready to help your business reach your goals by providing a consultative approach, #1 rankings on Google, and a working collaboration with industry professionals.

Case Studies


Ohio Facebook Blueprint Partner | Columbus Web Consultant
Ohio Yelp Partner | Columbus Web Consultant
Ohio AHREFS Partner | Columbus Web Consultant
Ohio SEMRush Partner | Columbus Web Consultant
Ohio Yoast Partner | Columbus Web Consultant
Ohio Google Ads Partner | Columbus Web Consultant
Ohio MOZ Partner | Columbus Web Consultant
Ohio hotjar Partner | Columbus Web Consultant


With over 5.6 billion searches done on Google alone every day, be sure that your business stands out to the small percentage that matters for your bottom line. We help businesses like yours stand out by making your message visible to your target customers. Columbus Web Consultant offers a variety of digital marketing services: Columbus’s best unique and optimized website design, online content marketing campaigns, local search engine optimization experts, pay per click advertising, online reputation managers, and social media management and marketing.

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Just 3 Steps To Get You Higher Rankings, More Traffic, and More Leads!



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      Digital Marketing FAQ

      What is digital marketing?

      Digital marketing is considered the marketing of products or services using digital technologies on the internet. Smart phones, tablets, computers, and other internet connected devices are used to promote and market potential customers and clients. There are multiple channels that are used for digital internet marketing including websites, email, social media, search engines, and apps.

      What does digital marketing do?

      Digital marketing in Columbus (and globally) is designed to enhance brand awareness, drive website traffic, and increase website traffic. These marketing campaigns are developed, implemented, and managed to promote a company or individual and their services and products. It is recommended that for web design in Columbus, strategy, ad creation and copy, email marketing, and other local digital internet marketing services that a search engine expert or web consultant with a specialty in these areas is used.

      Would there be a benefit to my business with digital marketing?

      Since digital marketing (also known as internet marketing) allows you to laser target your audience, it would be beneficial to any business. Content marketing, social media management, and the search engines will help grow exposure and recognition for your brand. It utilized the key medias that consumers use first thing in the morning and through all hours of the day.

      What is the biggest mistake digital marketing can have?

      The goal is to increase leads to convert into sales with any internet marketing that is done. However, it is a common mistake for businesses to be too “cocky” or “salesy” in their online and offline marketing efforts. As any good local digital marketing agency would tell you, your goal is to build a customer centered approach that does not come across as if you are only trying to sell to them. Another big mistake is not continuing to contribute to your channels. Starting and stopping marketing efforts can be detrimental to continued success with your campaigns.

      How often should I update my website?

      Any marketing efforts should start with a uniquely designed website build that is optimized for performance and user experience. With that in mind, it is important to update your site regularly. Search engines and visitors alike, love fresh and updated content that is current and relevant. It is also recommended that you do a complete revamp or redesign of your one-of-a-kind website every couple of years, since the internet and search engines are always changing.

      What is mobile marketing?

      As I am sure you know already, mobile phones have become the most used piece of technology on the planet! Mobile marketing is digital marketing that includes mobile optimized websites, mobile applications, and messaging. Since people are on their phones for many hours a day, this is the closest you can get to your customers, even if it is just with a simple text. All businesses need to utilize mobile marketing if they want to stay connected with their customers and not get beat out by their competition.

      What is content marketing?

      Content marketing is defined by Oxford as: “a type of marketing that involves the creating and sharing of online material that does not explicitly promote a brand, but is intended to stimulate interest in its products or services”. Even though this form of promotion is not a direct ad, it does help grow your brand’s awareness. It will lead to more traffic, leads, and sales; even though it doesn’t explicitly market like an ad would. The content that is distributed is, in general, free for people to engage with (for example: blog posts, articles, white papers, etc).

      How do you build a content marketing strategy?

      As with any important online or offline marketing, an outlined strategy will help you with you digital content marketing. In order to have an effective campaign you need to define your goals; know your audience; focus on your niche; track and analyze results; listen to your customers; and grow your content. Don’t forget, your customers and employees can really help you amplify your content and “spread the word”.

      What is a blog and do I need it?

      The word blog is short for weblog. Blogs were originally online journals or miniature sites for people to record and share their writing, stories, and opinions. Blogs have changed and grown over the years into a way to promote and market brands, products, and services. Unlike distribution through different outlets for images, podcasts, and videos, you have complete control over your blog. This makes it an essential digital marketing tool to market content.

      What content should be created for digital marketing?

      There are many different types of digital content that is shared online. There is not one type of content that should be created for your campaigns; but, it is important that what you do make is relevant and useful to potential customers. Interactive content: mini-sites, articles, blog posts, infographics, courses, newsletters, case studies, videos, and ebooks are very useful mediums to share your digital marketing content.

      How often should you create new content or a blog post?

      If you publish a new post or content every single day, you can actually hurt your internet content marketing efforts. Although it is important to create new content frequently, you want your visitors to have time to engage with your posts. Any newly published digital content will show up above older content and push it down the list, which can make it harder to find for people and less relevant to the search engine and the search engine’s result rankings. The rate at which you publish content varies by industry and niche. It is recommended that you create new content or posts every one to weeks minimum or no more than two or three times a week maximum, as a good rule of thumb.

      How long should your content be?

      Although, the debate for content size will forever be a heated one, there is a good rule of thumb to follow when creating and marketing digital content. Long form content works great for websites and blogs because the search engines and visitors like the substance it provides and it can help increase your credibility and expertise. Short form content is best for social media channels because people are already bombarded with a ton of different content on these platforms. While on social media, it is easy for people to get distracted as they zip through posts; so, you have a better chance for them to read your content if it is short and to the point.

      How do you get people to engage with your content?

      Any content that you create or develop for your digital marketing campaigns, you want to have people read, listen, or watch to it. Just like with sales copy, you want to have strong, intriguing headlines that get people interested in reading more of what you you have to say. With this content, you shouldn’t want to just get more visitors, your end game should be to get more subscribers, followers, likes, etc. This will help you grow your online reputation which is extremely important to your sales in the long run.

      What is search engine optimization (SEO)?

      The definition of search engine optimization, also known as SEO, is “the process of increasing the quality and quantity of website traffic by increasing the visibility of a website or a landing page on your website to users of a web search engine”, according to Wikipedia. From online reviews to content marketing to citation building and more, many different pieces are put together for successful SEO campaigns. There are two major types of SEO that most businesses focus on: local and national.

      Why is search engine optimization important?

      With over 91.5% of all traffic going to the sites listed on the first page of Google’s search engine results, you can see how important it is to be listed on the first page, according to Chitika. Google stated that, “39% of purchasers say the were influenced by a relevant search before they made their purchase”. Search engine optimization (SEO) has become more and more important to making sure you can be found online above your competition.

      What is a local search engine optimization campaign?

      Local search engine optimization (SEO) campaigns are designed to be an effective way to market your local business online. It helps local customers find products and services that are promoted by local businesses when they search for them. Social profile pages, citations, links, and local content are signals that search engines rely on to provide relevant results to people doing local searches.

      What are keywords in regards to digital marketing and SEO?

      Keywords are, to put it simply, what people type in when they search. Search engines use these keywords and phrases to help find relevant content that matches the intent of what someone is searching for. When you are developing your campaigns with a digital internet marketing agency, one of the first things to focus on is what keywords you want to target. You will want to focus on keyword phrases; often called long tail keywords; that are targeted to your niche in your area when doing local search engine optimization.

      How do search engines rank web pages?

      Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “If life were predictable it would cease to be life and be without flavor.”. This is how Google and the other large search engines work by not providing us with the exact answer to how they determine a site’s rankings in their results. However, the local search engine optimization experts agree that relevancy and authority are a large factor in the search engine’s algorithms. All of the major search engines give us best practices and basic guidelines for what they look for; but, it is unlikely they will ever tell us everything that goes into their algorithms.

      How do you get other sites to link to or mention your site?

      We know that getting links to our sites is very important for people and search engines to find it. If you work on consistently creating content that is worthy of mentions and links, it will happen naturally, how the search engines want. You can also develop and create relationships with influencers in your industry and look for opportunities to be a guest poster on influential blogs.

      In digital marketing, what is PPC?

      Pay per click is what PPC stands for. Digital internet marketing agencies use PPC advertising to help businesses grow their brand recognition and increase leads. Just like with any other form of advertising there is a fee for these ads; but, you only pay the fee when an ad is clicked. All of the major social media platforms, search engines, and sites offer PPC advertising models. These ads can be specifically shown to the demographics and regions you want in a laser targeted manner.

      What is sponsored content?

      Content that is paid for by an advertiser in an online publication, like an editorial, and intended to promote a product or service offered by the advertiser is considered sponsored content. This may include infographics, videos, blog posts, articles, and more. Online sponsored content is often used as part of local digital marketing campaigns because consumers often look at sponsored comment more than a traditional advertisement.

      What is inbound marketing?

      As you know traditional outbound marketing is placed in front of customers in hopes of fighting for their attention. Inbound marketing uses relevant, helpful content through digital marketing channels to attract customers to a business’s products and services. When your content helps fix problems or address concerns for your potential clients, it will build trust and expertise for your business to gain you more qualified leads.

      What is automated digital marketing?

      “Marketing automation refers to software platforms and technologies designed for marketing departments and organizations to more effectively market on multiple channels online (such as email, social media, websites, etc.) and automate repetitive tasks.” is Wikipedia’s definition. To summarize, these are the tools digital marketing agencies use to help streamline the process of marketing to current and potential clients. They help with the effectiveness of your internet marketing to make sure the right content gets to the right people at the right time.

      Why is data driven marketing so important to businesses?

      Knowing all the ins-and-outs about your customers (who, what, where, why, and when) helps you maximize your local digital marketing campaigns. This allows you to know what works and what doesn’t; allows you to personalize messages; and reach the right people at the right time. Lowering your internet marketing costs and increasing your return on investment (ROI) can be a benefit of data driven marketing.

      What is performance driven marketing?

      Similar to commission only sales, performance based marketing is when you pay for certain actions (for example: clicks, leads, sales, et al). With the right tracking tools, you can have measurable conversions with your online digital marketing. Performance driven marketing is great for business that don’t have a large budget to spend on marketing their brand; and, they are looking for a good way to decrease cost per acquisition and increase the return on investment (ROI).

      What is a digital marketing funnel?

      Like a traditional marketing funnel, digital ones start out at the awareness stage and work down to the purchase stage. The funnel slims down as only the people most interested or likely to buy are moved further down the funnel. An example might be a visitor signing up for a newsletter; move forward to getting more information about a product; then they sign up for a free trial; and, finally they upgrade to a paying client.

      What is conversion rate optimization (CRO) when it comes to digital marketing?

      Increasing the percentage of visitors to a website that turn into customers or take a desired action on a site is conversion rate optimization (CRO). By optimizing your conversion rate, you get more value or revenue per visitor, acquire more customers, and grow your business. Adding video, changing images, moving your call to action (CTA) placements, et al are examples of CRO techniques.

      What is interactive content?

      Any website content that asks your customers to participate in more than just watching or reading something is considered interactive content. Things like assessments, interactive white papers, calculators, quizzes, et al help educate, entertain, and engage your visitors. Once completed, your visitors are provided with results that they are more likely to care about because it provides a personalized experience.

      Why is social media important in marketing?

      Billions of people use social media for multiple hours every single day. These platforms are important assets to businesses for them to build exposure, grow their brand, and interact with their customers. You can respond and monitor your online reputation with social media sites which will help you increase traffic and sales to your business.

      What social media platforms should my business use?

      Everyday there are more and more social media platforms being created and going the way side. Knowing what demographics your business wants to target will help you determine which of these is right for you. As a basic rule of thumb, it is recommended that you have an active presence and complete profile on the big four social media channels: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

      How can I manage my business’s online reputation?

      Unfortunately, you cannot erase bad reviews online that people make that can hurt your online reputation. You are able to respond to any comments made about your business online, whether they are positive or negative. It is important to respond to all of these to show your customers that you care; and, that you take an active role in growing your brand, both the positive and negatives, in a professional way.

      In digital marketing, what are lead magnets?

      The best digital marketing agencies will create lead magnets to help attract potential customers for your business. A lead magnet is an incentive that is given to a visitors to collect contact information from them. Ebooks, courses, checklists, videos, coupons, trials, etc can be given to people in exchange for information (for example: email address, phone number, mailing address, et al) to be able to market to them in the future.

      Has the effectiveness of email marketing diminished?

      Businesses and individuals rely on email for communication more and more. Email offers a private, reliable, and personal way to market to potential clients and current customers, too. Email marketing still rains king over social media for these reasons. You can also have people grant you permission to market to them by having them opt-in to such things as newsletters or e-zines (digital magazines).

      Does my business need to have videos?

      Businesses that include videos on their site see high click through rates (CTR), increased conversion rates, and more engagements. This will allow you to utilize the potential of another of one of the largest platform online, YouTube, to market your brand. Video can also offer a great return on investment (ROI) because it can be shared across multiple platforms by a local digital marketing agency.

      What is a call to action (CTA) in digital marketing?

      As defined by Oxford, a call to action (CTA) is “a piece of content intended to induce a viewer, reader, or listener to perform a specific act, typically taking the form of an instruction or directive”. A good example of a is “Buy Now” or “Click Here”. Most of these prompts are in the form of a button or link. Call to actions are very effective when they are obvious and clear to site visitors. They should entice them to join a newsletter, fill out a form, buy an item, or follow another directive.

      What is Google Analytics?

      Google Analytics provides you with free tools that help you analyze and follow data about your visitors across multiple platforms (website, video, advertising, social media, etc). It is one of the most powerful tools in the industry; and, it provides detailed in depth information into three main categories such as acquisition, behavior, and conversions.

      How long does a digital marketing campaign take in order to see results?

      If you are playing the “short term, immediate result” game, then paid digital marketing campaigns (such as PPC) should produce results right away for you. If you are playing the “long term, lasting results” game, then it can take six months to a year to start seeing the full strength of results. Short game “paid to play” local digital marketing campaigns can offer quick results; but, the results end as soon as the ads stop. The long term “persistence and patience” or SEO method, will offer continued results long into the future; and, there is virtually no continued costs to the work you have already done.

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