Why Most Paid SEO Services Failed

There are many reasons why search engine optimization firms often fail. If you are depending on one to looking your website the hits that it deserves, then you may want to take a little more active role in the process. There are a lot of companies out there that have no business doing business – with you or anyone. But due to exorbitantly low prices and big promises, you go with them anyway. Who can blame you? After all, times are tough, and you need to save hard cash on your business expenses wherever you can. But cheap does not always mean cheaper if you are having to hire a quality provider just to undo the other’s mistakes. So why do so many SEO firms fail in spite of the brash talk? Quite simply for the following reasons:

1) Poor Content Offerings

A large number search engine optimization firms are so focused on getting the keyword placement correct that they fail to deliver on quality. Surviving the search engine game in the 21st Century requires more than a simple formula for keyword placement. While that does help, it does nothing to keep eyes focused on your page. Turning over content creation completely to an SEO firm may not be in your best interests because, really, who knows your topic area and your audience better than you? Hopefully, no one! While you may not have time to write all of your content, and that’s fine, you should still take an active role in content development, offering post ideas and guidance when necessary.

2) Black Hat Marketing Techniques

Techniques such as keyword stuffing and link or site cloaking is greatly ineffective in the long term. While they may looking you a short little boost in your ratings, they will not fool Google, nor will they fool your audience over the long term. Your content needs to deliver what it promises on the search engine listings and should not be a black hat strategy designed to win temporary approval of the search engine bots. By using these and other black hat marketing tactics, your SEO firm will set itself and your site up for failure.

3) Underpay of Workers

The best firms must attract the best workers. In the case of SEO, that means paying writers and content developers what they are worth instead of trying to looking it all on the cheap. While these firms may be able to keep their workers happy for a time, it will only be until something better comes along, and if the workers can’t earn a living on the wages they are paid, that will be sooner rather than later. Thus, what essentially happens is a revolving door of talent that comes by using at varying degrees of quality, most of it poor.

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