Why Anchor Text Can Be The Most Important Element Of SEO

Why is it important?

Anchor text is the most essential aspect of SEO. In a nutshell it is the text used to describe a webpage link. It is nothing but visible, clickable text within a hyperlink. This text or words acts as bridges linking one page to another page. This element is weighted highly in Google’s search engine algorithms because the linked text is relevant to the landing page. Anchor text improves the visibility of your webpage. Google’s goal is always to provide relevant search results and this is where anchor text lends a helping hand. Choosing appropriate text for your links can play a major role in boosting your SEO rankings for the keywords your website is targeting. Anchor text also helps both the visitor as well as the search engine spiders figure out what your linked page is all about. Now if you’ve understood the importance of anchor text and want to pay attention to it in your search engine optimization efforts, but don’t know how to go about, then turn to SEO Junkies. Their team of specialists have great expertise and skill in various optimization techniques including use of anchor text. They will build effective anchor text that will help you rank better in search results.

How does the SEO Junkies team create effective anchor text?

Since Google insists always on natural backlinks, these SEO experts take utmost care that the same anchor text is not being used everywhere and use different anchor text to create backlinks. They construct anchor text such that when your visitor clicks on the link, they will land on relevant pages. This builds customer confidence and also reduces bounce rates. They also use appropriate colors for the anchor text to indicate to your visitor that they will be visiting an external source when they click on the link. After much research, these search engine optimization experts will use keywords in the anchor that will surely make a big difference in the final ranking of your website. Also, this will provide the search engine with detailed and specific keyword information relating to the website in question and also ensures reader satisfaction.

There are many who ignore the power of this huge factor and then keep wondering why they don’t get much search engine traffic.

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