Where To Get Web Traffic Beside Search Engine Traffic

A large number people with great ideas for web sites are often too afraid or frustrated to get those ideas off the ground because they need no clue about how search engine marketing and traffic generation works, and they feel that it is a skill set so far out of the realm of their abilities they may as well never try to learn it. After all, when one is trying to make a living, raise a family, and find balance in their lives, what time is there to become a techie? But the reality is that you can generate big amounts of traffic without ever learning the difference between link baiting and search engine optimization. The first thing that you must do is:

Build a great web site.

And by “build,” that means you should work on bringing your audience what they want first and foremost. And no one knows your audience like you do, so this should be a relatively easy part of the job. Don’t fall in to the trap of thinking that your peoples want a flashy site that does a bunch of fancy stuff, which would require hours and hours of coding. Most people come to the Internet for information or to solve a problem of some kind. If you can give them content that does just that, then you will never need to worry about whether or not they are satisfied enough to tell their friends and become a frequent people. But after building a great web site, you need to find a way to:

Get the word out.

If you are not going to use search engine marketing for traffic generation, take heart. You can always do something that requires no tech realize how whatsoever. That’s where the public networking sites come in to play. And if you can learn how to use the Internet, then you can learn how to use a public media location. Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Reddit, and a host of other sites are waiting for you to create profiles. By using them all and then managing them from a site like HootSuite, you can cut out the dozens of visits that you would need to make managing all independently, and make it to where you need only visit one web site to make updates, interact with friends and followers, and brand your business. Once you need gotten the word out to your public media contacts, it is time to:

Create long lasting associations.

Think of it as “association marketing.” If you can make friends with whom you share a genuine interest, then you are in the prime position to build brand evangelists, who will tell the world about what you offer so you do not need to.

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