Top 10 Google Image SEO Tips

Here are the best steps to optimize your images for Google Images Search :

1. Alt Tag : Alt Tag makes the search engine spiders understand (or) recognize the images. Always make sure you add a relevant alternate name for your images. These Alternate Tags will be displayed on the search engine result pages instead of the file names.

2. SEO Friendly File Names : Another Images optimizing trick to give your images a better file name rather the ones which are auto generated by digital cameras. If your image name is DSC45s8874.jpg how can search engine spiders recognize this image? You should rather rename this file to formula1-car-wallpaper.jpg . Also a hyphen is always recommended rather than using a underscore in the file names for better search engine rankings.

3. Add your images within the posts with related keywords near by the image placement so the spiders index the images and rank them. Testing is always required and you will need to add perfectly relevant alternate tags and place images in the most relevant position.

4. Link to your images with keywords in anchor text. Linking to a image with title like “SEO Meeting Pictures” which will gives more weightage to the images with a strong backlink.

5. Add Images of relevant category if completely relevant images are not present. In case you have a article on “Ferrari car head lights” and you don’t find any images on this topic, you can add images on “Ferrari cars” because they still are related to the theme of your article and would help you rank for Ferrari cars images in google images search.

6. Keep tracking your already indexed images using the site search operator like* and keep checking the total count regularly with the text/image description on the search pages. This way you can know whether you are correctly optimizing your website images or not.

7. Use Google Image Label to help Google know more about your image and get it indexed quickly. You normally play this like a game with another random partner online and both of you try to suggest tags for random images and the matching tags are taken into consideration by google as search keywords. You can login to Google Webmaster Central and use the Enhanced Image Search” feature to suggest your own images and get quickly indexed in the search engines.

8. Try to create images on topics you find very less image results and guess there would be a lot of searches for the same. You can guess that every new year there would be heavy searches for images with search keywords like “New year 2008 Wallpapers” and you can create some images related to the same and add Alt tag with the keywords to rank well in google images and drive in heavy traffic.

9. Make your images folder available to the search engines and make sure you are not blocking the images files or folder using your robots.txt file. This option can completely make you lose all your efforts and lose your rankings in the Google image search.

10. Resize your images in case you are using duplicate images. If you are using a image which is copied from another website like stock images website, resize the image using a image editor software like photoshop and add alternate tags to the same. This way the search engines count this image as a unique one and helps you to gain more traffic.

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