SEO Ranking Factors – Make No Mistakes In Website SEO

The face of search engine optimization has changed. SEO, as it is more popularly known, used to be a simple matter of keyword placement and publishing frequency, but Google changed the game in 2011, and the experience has been a win for web surfers. However, for those used to the old ways, who’ve yet to adapt, it has been an absolute killer. Today, SEO ranking factors are much more complex than they used to be. Google looks at a vast amount of data in determining whether your page is worth its salt, and all of them need to do with what the browser is looking for. If you do not get on board with the current ranking factors, then you’ll need an incredibly difficult time getting ahead in the new decade. Here are what you should watch out for:

1. Amount of page visits

Visits are even more important now than they were in the past. Not only does the amount of page visits that a particular web page has play an important role, but the amount of page visits on the whole of the site is a big motivator for high rankings as well. To get your page clicks up, it is important that you incorporate internal linking in the content of your pages to other relevant pages on the site. The more that people see of your site, the better off you’ll be when it comes time to get that Google Analytic Data.

2. Amount of time one stays

Not only is it important for peoples to come to your site and click around, but the amount of time they stay on each page will also be an important factor. What this tells the search engines is this: if a people is spending a minute and a half or more on each web page, then there is a very high probability that they determine the site to be of value. In addition to this, the user is liable to give your page a thumbs up or thumbs down, thus influencing the rise and fall of your site among the competition.

3. The tried and true

The two factors listed above need taken on a great deal more importance, but they need not completely erased the old ways. They have, in any way, altered them. While you should still use some keyword targeting and frequency, there are no hard and fast rules any more with regard to what works and what doesn’t. Just write good content, and then try to pepper in the phrase you are targeting about once every 100 or so words. This will ensure your content does not get encumbered with awkward wording. In addition to this, try for backlink exchanges and build good affiliations with other sites.

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