Search Engine Optimization With HTML Title Tag

Traffic is the question on everyone’s mind. How can I get more of it? What can I do to bring more people to my site? If you have a site you’ve heard about SEO or search engine optimization. You also have heard about keyword density and probably even article marketing to improve traffic. But did you know that the very first thing you should be concerned about is the HTML title tag? Before you write another article or have one outsourced you should check these following tips to make sure you aren’t making any of these common errors.


Yeah you know what keywords are and how they work, but are you using the proper keywords? If they don’t have enough searches then you’ll never get any traffic to your site let alone your article. You also don’t want unrelated keywords using in your title tag. If you lead a customer to your site for one word and you are talking about another they’ll instantly leave. It always is important to have your main keyword in your title as it also affects your rankings. Higher ranking equals more traffic as more people will see you. If you don’t have a relevant keyword no one will ever find you on page 10.


You want to distinguish yourself from your competitors. What better way to do that than branding yourself? Not only will you differentiate yourself but you’ll stand out. You can use this in your HTML title tag. Whether you use your business name or your own personal one branding is a way to improve your search engine optimization.

Types of HTML tags

The three most common forms of HTML tags are for a product, informational content, and a article or blog. All three of these need to have the proper tag to be efficient. You need to make sure that each tag you create no matter what you do has the right keyword and branding. The most common way that someone is going to find you is through a search. Every time you post a blog or submit an article you need to make sure that you can be found.

Expired offers

You want to create a special promotion for your product. You’ve been thinking about creating a time deadline to help generate sales. However, that promotion that you created is now three years old and out of date. You’re still getting incoming links from this promotion which drive people to your site. The problem is that this special deal is no longer valid. Your potential customers will feel like a bait a switch has just occurred to them. Not only with they not opt -in to your mailing list, but they’ll quickly leave and never to return. They’ll go else where to a site that they trust.

Increasing traffic via search engine optimization with an HTML title tag is the first thing you should consider for your sites. You need to use the right keywords, branding for all the different types of HTML tags. Be sure that none of your tags use special or expired offers and you’ll get more customers than you imagined.

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