Organic Search Engine Placement

Webmasters are always looking for ways to improve their organic search results. Google the major player when it comes to search engines is always moving the goal posts so to speak. In search engine optimization you are always going to be chasing a moving target, more so these days with personalized search results – the debate is still raging weather its a big deal or not, i am keeping an open mind. If one really wants to understand search engine optimization in the long term you have to look at what the core purpose of search engines – basically ways for people t find what they are looking for. Search engines thrive on relevancy so make sure that your content is relevant to the search terms you want to rank well for and you will be fine.

Google uses a number of search algorithms so automating ways to increase rankings will be short lived as sooner or later there will be an update that will leave many webmasters who were trying to play the system wondering what hit them. Let us look at link building arguably one of the most difficult and time consuming tasks webmasters face any attempt to manipulate links for gaining search rankings usually gains are short lived as the search engines usually are very good at creating algorithms that will penalize such activities.

If one is looking for a long term strategy to gaining good rankings(by rankings i mean appearing on top when the respective keywords are typed) are high relevancy and acquiring good quality links. Good content plays a major role in getting good quality links – I know it’s easier said than done but if you are looking at a long term strategy them such pain staking work will be a necessary evil.

A number of different factors that help you rank better are very much aligned with good practice as well as good business sense, I will elaborate. A look at good content will provide some interesting findings. If you write stuff that is relevant and useful then people are going to reward you with links – I have to include a disclaimer its suppose to happen like that but not always, most of the time webmasters will reward you with links and the type of webmasters that will link to good quality content are the type of website that are usually looking at staying around for the long haul. It is vital that one fully understands and identifies the factors that affect search engine rankings and there are many, among the many factors are also many myths which will waste a lot of time with no gains at best and at worst some hefty penalties that will bring about more despair.

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