Online Tagging – Is It Helpful And Useful?

Online tagging is something that search engine optimization (SEO) professionals routinely do to the posts they make in an effort to catch the attention of readers and grow their brands. But is it really helpful or useful? The short answer: it depends. You need to be asking yourself what your post is about and what key concepts will show up within it. That means having an understanding that goes well beyond a general topic. Say, for instance, that you are writing a post about mixed martial arts, or MMA, the popular combat sport that is taking the world by storm. Understandably, there are a difference of directions that your article could go, considering there are multiple organizations, weight classes, and fighters within the sport itself. There is also the question of whether or not you are predicting or previewing a specific show, ranking a weight class of fighters, or doing a spotlight on a personality within the sport itself.

Seeing all these many directions before you, it is clear that your tagging, to be effective, will have to consist of more than just “mixed martial arts,” “MMA,” and “fighting.” It will have to include specific terms that are in tune with the focus of the post. And the more that you can put in, the better. To be effective, you may want to slide in anywhere from 6-15 tags. What the tags must do is essentially tell the story of your post, or provide its essence, in one succinct grouping of words. This type of tagging will let interested readers know what they are getting well in advance and will likely hold their interest once they click by following to the page itself. These tags will also inform the search engines that your content is focused and specific and therefore likely of interest to the people using the engine to find more information on that particular topic. If you can do these things – and you should be doing these things – then your internet tagging is truly helpful and useful. If it does not, then it will do you little good whatsoever.

Too many people trying to make their living in the internet marketing world think that as long as they produce regular content and “go by following the motions” of tagging, they’ve done all they need to do to be effective. Don’t fall in to this trap. If you truly want to stand out, then you have to be specific and informative, and you have to come across as a true expert in the field. With that kind of bulldog determination and tenacity when it comes to tagging your posts, it will be only a matter of time before people realize you as a go to source.

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