Making Twitter And Email Marketing Work For You

Many businesses have begun to establish their presence in the Internet through social media services like Twitter. They build accounts, Twitter stuff, build a following and followers, and generally hang around and use Twitter services at least once or twice in a day. Eventually, word gets around, and referrals from Twitter services will increase the traffic to their websites. This is all well and good, but is this really all there is to their social media marketing campaigns?

Not quite. If Twitter services are combined with email marketing, that really steps up social media marketing to a higher level. The combination works two ways: it enhances existing email marketing campaigns by capturing Twitter followers, and your email campaigns are benefiting Twitter followers in turn.

Email and Twitter: Deepening Relationships

Many social media marketing efforts do not generate the expected results because of certain misconceptions. Businesses launch their brands on Twitter not only to join the bandwagon, so to speak. It’s not even a good reason that because competitors are using Twitter services, so should they. Leveraging Twitter services is all about having a strategy to reach out to customers.

Gone are the days when a salesman calls on people’s doorsteps and demonstrates a product. People then buy these products on the strength of the demonstration and some other motivating factors. But these days, customers are more discerning on where they spend their money. They go online to research the product. Businesses should be shrewd enough to know that using Twitter services coupled with email services brings to customers more information about the product, and most importantly, about the company that sells this product.

The deeper motivation, therefore, for businesses to craft marketing packages involving Twitter services and email services, is to deepen relationships with customer, to know their preferences better, to reach out to new ones, perhaps to turn existing customers into product advocates, and to build loyalty and a more enduring relationship.

Email those Tweets, Tweet those Emails!

For businesses with customer email services already up and running, it is a simple matter to integrate it with Twitter. For startup businesses looking to build up their email marketing list, using Twitter services can also help speed the process. Here are some few tips below on how to achieve that:

1. Tweet your email services to encourage Twitter followers to sign up. In 140 characters, advertise your email service and how it can benefit followers. If followers of your Twitter services already find value in your tweets, they expect your email services to be as valuable to them and will have a higher chance of signing up.

2. Tweet an email service sign up link. Followers who click on the link will find it easier to actually sign up to your email services.

3. Tweet email subject lines. If you have email services that regularly send out emails to customers, just tweet the subject line and include a link to your email services. This widens the exposure of your email services to include followers of your Twitter services as well.

4. Include “Follow Us on Twitter” links in email campaigns, attracting email services recipients to become Twitter followers in return.

With Twitter services and email services complementing each other, your marketing campaign will have the added depth and greater chance of reaching out to customers. A deeper customer engagement in both channels will result to more increased traffic to your website and better sales conversion.

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