Local Business Listings And Search Engine Optimization Can Increase Your Sales And Visits

Having your local business listing up to date has become a significant part of your local search marketing. Local consumers are looking for services and products within their local community. The method they are using is with their mobile devices while they are out and about town. Whether you have a website or not, having the local business listings appear in the top of the search results can only help increase sales and walk-in traffic to your store or business.

If you are wondering what the local business listing might be, then you’re probably not alone. Think of the local business listing as your free yellow page listings on many websites including the major search engines. These local listings certainly raise a question if you still need to use the traditional yellow pages for advertising. Not nearly as much as in the past.

We know the younger generations are using the Internet and their mobile devices. This same generation has never used the traditional hard copy yellow pages. The older generation of baby-boomers are a growing group of mobile device users and they will be looking for products and services while they are about town. Basically, the traditional hard-copy yellow pages are not going to be nearly as effective as they used to be.

Websites that help to promote local listings include Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yelp, Loca.com, Merchant Circle, Insider Pages, Kudzu, Super Pages, and the Yellow Pages. All of these companies provide local and small business owners with a free listing and it would be unfortunate to not tap into this local marketing option. The listings can be claimed, update and corrected by the business anytime and as frequently as you would like. Remember the days when you could not update your traditional yellow page ads for a year? Those days are over!

In order to get your local listing ranked among all these various websites and search engines requires knowing what keywords to use for your business products and services. While there are the obvious for your business, the question is whether there are other keyword you could be considering.

In addition to the keywords you will want to consider photos, videos, coupons, offers, discounts and promotions. As you can see not only are these local listings competition for the traditional yellow pages, but for traditional coupon distributions as well.

You can certainly update your local listing yourself, however, since there are many sources and knowledge needed, a professional Internet marketing firm would be a good option. Not too different from getting your website ranked in the top ten for a search result, this also requires experience that are best left to the professionals.

Internet marketing firms only charge within a few hundred dollars to do the initial setup work. Once the listing has been updated you can opt to maintain the listing yourself or for a small monthly fee you can have the listing maintained for you. For example regular changes may include updated services, menus, coupons, photos or videos. Don’t waste time and get your business listed, updated and tap into the local consumer market.

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