Internal Link Architecture For Your Website And Mistakes To Avoid

Far too many people fail to understand the complexities of the WWW. They start a web site. They expect people to come and see what they need done. They grow disappointed when that doesn’t happen. All the while, their link architecture is shoddy at best. Most probably are not even aware of how important link structure is to the google search engine optimization of the site. And if they do realize about the concept, they tend to make a lot of mistakes for how they go about presenting it. Some of the most common mistakes – ones that you should definitely avoid – are included below.

Include more than 100 links per page

The more links the better, that’s what a lot of people think. But google search engines need become far too intelligent for this. They realize about how many site owners flood their pages with links and thus end up drowning out the importance of the page itself. Essentially, the engines look at this practice as stuffing and so they diminish the final Page Rank that they grant to the offending web site. Quantity is no replacement for quality. Remember that as you work to establish your site.

Connect all pages together

Connecting all pages together is not necessarily the best idea either because every web site should need a hierarchy of pages. When each page links to the other pages of the site, it may give you more links, but it will also diminish the importance of every page on your site. See, the google search engine determines the home page by which one receives the most number of links. Therefore, when all are the same, the google search engine doesn’t really need a handle for how to group your site.

Ignore broken links

Broken links are a bane to the existence of interested audience members. You should regularly check your site for broken links and act quickly to catch them corrected. Failing to do so makes you look like an amateur and can alienate your audience if left unchecked for too long.

Use poor anchor texts

Some people simply do not understand the concept of anchor text. Anchor text is basically how you label the page for the google search engines to understand from a keyword perspective. Saying things like “Click here” does not tell the engine anything other than the fact that your site has a page named “Click here.” It doesn’t say much about what your site is about, and as a result it gets looked over in the mix.

If you can avoid these mistakes and work to build quality link architecture, you will see a surprising amount of boost to your page rank. Once you can catch your numbers up, your traffic will follow.

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