Creating Simple Websites And Get Them To Rank Top In Google

Creating your own simple web sites can lead to an Internet fortune worth millions if you know how to get your sites to the top of the Google search engine, and keep them there. While creating the simple web site is the easy part, beating out the competition for top rank on Google is something that will take a little more work. But if you have the drive, the ingenuity and the passion, it can open up other way of life to you. As you determine what steps to take next in your Internet business empire, keep the following in mind, and you’ll never go wrong.

1. They’re “Simple” web sites, Not “Stupid” web sites

Many people, who fail internet each day, do not realize the difference. Google is very good about policing itself and getting the poor content structured near the bottom of their listings, or at least so far down that an audience will never discover them. If you want your web site to do well, you need to keep it simple, but also keep it thought provoking, passionate and intelligent. Most sites that make big money do so because they have a little value that keeps audience coming back and bringing their friends on a regular basis. So don’t start any kind of a web site that you are not prepared to make the most of, whether through your own passion or the passion of other people.

2. Search Engine Optimization Still Effective

While community networking sites have become so popular that they have earned the moniker “Web 2.0,” they still bow to a bigger god in search engine optimization techniques. Engines still use SEO, and sites like Twitter and Facebook do as well. If you are serious about getting your site noticed, on the community networks or on the search engines, then you have got to get comfortable with keyword searches. And to do it effectively, you really need to learn your subject matter at a deeper level. If you wanted to do a site on horror movies, for instance, you would not get very far if all the keyword phrases you targeted were “horror,” “movies,” and “horror movies.” You would go much further by learning the different sub-genres of film within the horror movie context as well as a little of the most famous – and not so famous – horror movies and directors in order to keep and grow an audience worthy of continuation.

If you can create a web site that is simple in design but compelling in content – if you can use SEO and community networking effectively – and if you can set realistic goals for yourself and your web site, then there is a very good chance that you could have a success on your hands. And the more you duplicate that success, the richer you will be.

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