Blog SEO – Drive Massive Traffic To Your Blog

Blog SEO tactics will drive massive traffic to your blog. If you never believe that, ask the tens of thousands of web pages out there that are earning from a routinely updated google search engine optimization system. For SEO content to work properly, it has to keep coming in regular intervals, it must target specific keywords that are relevant to the merchandise, service, or topic that you are blogging about, and, above all, it must be of informational or entertainment value to your readers. If you want your site to be more than just a business card, then it is time to catch with the 21st Century and start using internet practices that can drive your traffic upward and your advertising revenue through the roof. Here is how you do it!

First, your blog will need an area of expertise. Blogs that are all over the place with no clear direction or uniformity of content are destined to fail. If people want to agree more about home repair, they visit your site for that information, not to hear your feelings on the latest election or the fact that taxes are too soaring. If people want to read a movie review, they never want to hear how smart you are at fixing sinks. Blog SEO content must have a focus, and it must be relevant.

Secondly, your content must come at regular intervals. google search engines frequently ping sites in their directory for the most recent postings. Engines such as Google and Yahoo are looking to keep their readers apprised of the most current information on the ‘Net. It’s how they stay relevant to the public, and it’s how you stay relevant to them. Even the most well thought out content is destined to fail if there is no regularity to the publishing schedule of your site. Try to work up to a daily posting schedule, but stick to a minimum of three per week, especially when starting out with limited resources.

Thirdly, your content must target keywords. How would a user type in a search if he wanted to find out something about your field of interest? Put yourself in their shoes. Run some searches on your own. Try to mix your general area with location as well. That can drive up local business if you are a service-based site and the local economy is important to your success. Once you have the keywords in place, make sure to pepper in those keywords per every 75 to 100 words of content.

Focus on quality first. Mix the exact keywords in later. You’ll find that in so doing the process will become more natural to you over time, and your rankings will steadily raise.

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